Grows in


Latin name

Tectona Grandis

Compressive strength

58 MPa

Bending strength

97 MPa

Modulus of elasticity

12,3 GPa


4740 N


740 kg/m?

Volumetric shrinkage


T/R ratio



The name Teak

The word teak comes from the Tamil (Indian) word “Thekku”. It is found in Tamil literature since the 7th century.

The Latin name for Teak is Tectona Grandis. Tectona comes from the Greek word “tektōn”, which means carpenter. Grandis means tall or large.

All together we can assume that teak is a wood species that has been used for carpentry since many centuries.

Common uses

Teak wood is mostly used for outdoor furniture. Thanks to its high oil content it is one of the most weather resistant wood species.
Teak wood is also used a lot for boat decks, because of its weather resistance, but also for its low shrinkage.

Other facts

There are a lot of different qualities in teak wood on the market. The difference in quality is caused by the location where it grows and the age of tree.

Most teak wood furniture comes from Indonesia. The government controlled plantations delivere a relatively high quality teak wood. Some lower quality teak wood comes from forests where younger trees are cut down for only financial purposes.