Dining Chair

Dining chair dimension details.

Dimension: Metric: Imperial:
Seat height: 450 mm 18″
Seat width: 450 mm 18″
Seat depth: 430 mm 17″
seat angle: 0° – 5° 0° – 5°
backrest angle: 5° – 15° 5° – 15°
total height: 880 mm 35″

Seat height

dining chair seat height
The seat height does not have to be always exactly 450mm. It depends on which area of the world you are located. In Europe and the US the standard is 450mm or 460 mm. In Asia chairs tend to be a bit lower at 430mm or 440mm.
The height can also be adjusted to the height of the table. The distance between the seat and the bottom of the table should be at least 250mm to give the users legs enough space.

Seat width

dining chair seat width
The width of the seat can be around 450mm, slightly difference in size are allowed.

Seat depth

dining chair seat depth
The depth for the seat is usually around 430mm. Less deep gives not enough support for the users legs. If too deep, the user can not lean their back to the backrest.

Seat angle

Having a little angle in the seat makes a chair more comfortable

Backrest angle

dining chair backrest angle
The backrest of a chair must have an angle. A backrest without angle is considered very uncomfortable.

Total height

dining chair total height
Can be around 880mm. The important part is that the backrest is not too low to support the users back.